Blundstone has covered a lot of ground since 1870, but they never left that place that they fit like, well, a nicely worn boot. It’s a place called comfort. The key to Blundstone boots is the way you feel when you pull them on. Instant comfort. Feet feel liberated when not constrained by laces. You save time and trouble, too. Blundstone boots cradle feet in over-the-ankle support and snug wrap-around protection against the elements. The sturdy leather uppers are moulded seamlessly into the soles with no stitches to break or leak. Blundstone comfort starts at the feet and extends throughout the body. Blundstone boots are kind to bones and joints. An integral shock-absorption system reduces pounding by 33% with every step. That means that a 150 pound person wearing Blundstone boots can expect to spare themselves somewhere in the neighbourhood of 500,000 pounds of wear and tear with every 10,000 steps. There’s a Blundstone boot for almost every foot and every need from country walkers to city workers, from playground swingers to fairground jumpers. Everyday comfort made to last. That’s what Blundstone stands for.